Friday, 15 March 2013

Orff Lesson for Primary 5 and Primary 6 pupils

 In term 1, Primary 5 and Primary 6 pupils learned how to play  Orff Instruments in their music lesson. These are melodic percussion instruments (such as xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels) which are played by using mallets (sticks to hit the instruments).

Pupils started off with learning C Major scale, which is the fundamental scale before learning any melodic instruments (be it boomwhackers, piano or Orff instruments). They were also taught rhythm and playing skills. The lesson was pitched at beginner level so that it was easy for pupils to follow.

They also learned how to play "Bow, wow, wow" as a 4-part music ensemble. Pupils were divided into 4 groups, each playing different part. On top of that, pupils were taught how to compose a short 4-bar music.

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