Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ukulele Lessons for Primary 6 pupils

Every Primary 6 pupils is undergoing 7-week Ukulele lessons. They are learning how to play simple pop songs. Ukulele is a handy instrument and pretty easy to learn. Since Ukulele is quite affordable, pupils are encouraged to continue learning Ukulele on their own after completing the programme.

In Juying Primary School, Primary 6 pupils are learning to play a Soprano Ukulele (the smallest one, usually for beginners).

They also learn about the anatomy of Ukulele, which belongs to the 'Guitar' family of instruments.

They also learn how to tune the instrument.
The most important part is, pupils learn how to play these chords during lesson so that they can accompany a song with their Ukulele-playing :)

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